PETA Response

Peta is a group of people who are against using animals for food, clothes, and milk. They think everyone should become vegan, so we can stop using animals. They attacked the FFA, a youth organization across America, saying we are lame af when its actually the other way around. We kill animals humanely by using stunners, so they won’t feel anything. We treat them like this because its the law. Just because a few places do it wrong doesn’t mean its right. In the FFA contest where students identify parts of the cow, is so we can see what part is good and bad and what we can and can’t eat. On this website they talk about the wool industry in Australia, but FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. FFA separates babies from their mothers, so we can use the milk not for the babies, however we do feed them too. We make the cows pregnant ourselves, because its much easier on the cow. I think she would rather have us do it then a bull which ways at least twice as much.  We go hunting to help keep over population from occurring. Overall, FFA is a great organization that helps students learn about leadership skills, environmental skills and many other life skills. You don’t have to give up meat to make people stop killing animals humanely. We treat them right and use them for their purpose.




Spanish Food Menu

El Beanery de Breanna

(Breanna’s Beanery)


Desayuno (Breakfast)  

$2.99  Salchicha y panqueque con mantequilla

                (sausage and pancake with butter)

$1.95  Huevos y tocino

                (eggs and bacon)

$3.75  Galleta con jamón y fruta

                (waffle with ham and fruit)


Almuerzo (Lunch) 

$6.95 Hamburguesa con lechuga, tomate, queso, cebolla y papas fritas

          (hamburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion with french fries)

$6.95 Pollo con elote y guisantes

           (chicken with corn and peas)

$5.95 Carne de res sandwich con frijoles

           (beef sandwich with beans)


Cena (Dinner) 

$10.95 Pimiento bistec con vegetales

             (pepper steak with vegetables )

$9.50  Pavo con aguacate y zanahoria

            (turkey with avocado and carrot)

$9.95  Chuletas de cerdo con verde frijoles y elote

            (pork chops with green beans and corn)




Postre (Dessert) 

$1.75  Vainilla helado       

           (vanilla ice cream)

$  .95  Azúcar galleta       

            (sugar cookie)

$3.75  Chocolate pastel   

            (chocolate cake)


Aperitivos (Appetizers) 

$1.95 Sopa (soup)

$1.75 Pan (bread)

$1.95 Ensalada (salad)


Niños Menú (kids menu) 

$5.50 Hamburguesa con papas fritas

            (hamburger with french fries)

$5.50 Jamón y queso con uvas

            (ham and cheese sandwich with grapes)

$5.95 Pollo con arroz

           (chicken with rice)

$6.50 Bistec con guisantes

            (steak with peas)

$2.75 Fruta cuenco con uvas, manzanas, sandía, naranja, cereza, piña, y plátano

           (fruit bowl with grapes, apples, watermelon, oranges, cherries, pineapples, and plantain)



$1.00-Bebidas (Drinks) 

Refresco– Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, etc. (Refreshments)

Limonada (Lemonade)


Manzana Jugo (Apple Juice)

Agua (Water)


Café (Coffee)


Post Oak Belt

Climate~  Hot,Humid and dry; Little rainfall

Terrain~ Nearly level land to gentle rolling plains-300ft.-800ft.

Wildlife~ Deer,Rabbits,Bear,Rattlesnake,Bobcat,Hummingbird,Birds,Snakes,Fish,Grasshoppers,ETC.

Vegetation~ Bluebonnets,Flowers,Oak Trees,Pine Trees,Trees,Forbes,Grass,Clay

I learned that they are forbs in texas!